Inpe releases first photos taken by Brazilian satellite


The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) released on Thursday (11) the first images taken by Amazônia 1, the first all-Brazilian satellite to be placed in orbit. The photos show the region of southeastern Brazil, more specifically, the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and it is possible to see the Sobradinho reservoir and the São Francisco River. 

The images were received two days after the launch of the satellite and the data sent by the WFI camera were processed in São José dos Campos and Cachoeira Paulista, both in São Paulo.

The launch is part of the PSLV-C51 mission of the Indian Research Organization, an Indian space agency and in 17 minutes, reached 752 kilometers of altitude above the Earth’s surface. Amazonia 1 took 12 years to build and, with it in orbit, Brazil became part of a group with only 20 countries that are capable of building their own satellite.

Many questioned why the launch was not made at the Alcântara Center, in Maranhão, a place known for its privileged location. The professor and astronomer at the Planetary Foundation of Rio de Janeiro, Naelton Mendes de Araújo explains that Brazil does not have a rocket big enough to launch the Amazon 1. According to Tilt, for the launch it would be necessary a rocket with a size of 44 meters. height and the Brazilian platform has support for one of about 20 meters. “It would not be interesting to bring a rocket from India here and build a national platform for a single launch,” says the expert.


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