Innovative Update for Facebook, Messenger Rooms


Technology giant Facebook released an innovative update today for its video conferencing application Messenger Rooms. With the update, the application started to pose a greater danger to its competitors.

Online conference applications for distance education and work have gained unprecedented popularity during these times when the coronavirus has locked us all in our homes. Among these applications, Zoom has now managed to leave other applications behind. However, Facebook’s Zoom rival app Messenger Rooms seems to be on the way to shake Zoom’s throne with the new features it will gain.

Messenger Rooms got many innovations with the update coming today. These innovations focused on customizing the app experience and making it easier to create and explore. It was also quite meaningful when the new update was released.

Messenger Rooms got new features:

Messenger Rooms, which is generally in the top 10 in the US App Store store, dropped to the 15th place last week. Although the application is now in the top 10 again, the new update was released today, as schools opened in the country will increase the density of applications with more convenient use.

With the new update, Messenger Rooms will now show the rooms you have been invited to at the top of the chat window. However, it will now be much easier to create a new room. Other new changes will be changes that affect the management of the rooms.

Messenger Rooms will now allow you to set up future rooms and select different activities when setting up rooms. The ‘Manage Rooms’ feature in the application will allow you to join the created rooms, edit, delete the rooms you have created or invite more people to your room.

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When it comes to the customization side, Messenger Rooms will have new features to customize the experience. Now, the background images of the rooms can be set as one of the images on your phone. The ‘Share Rooms’ feature will make it even easier to remind your friends of invitations you send.


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