‘Inmate TikToker’ Uses Social Media To Show Prison Routine


TikTok: This Tuesday (3), an inmate of the Dalton Crespo penitentiary, in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, was transferred to a maximum security prison after having shared his routine in the penitentiary on a social network. The profile of the “tiktoker inmate” is still active and has accumulated more than 13 thousand followers on TikTok.

Among the shared content, the detainee posted videos of improvised meals, housecleaning, a football match and other activities from the place where he was imprisoned. He was active on the network from October 7th until November 1st, where, in addition to posts, he interacted with followers, answering comments and questions.

The profile was discovered by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) on Monday (1), when he posted the video available below. According to Seap, a search was made in the cells to identify the author of the images. He was transferred to Laércio da Costa Pellegrino Penitentiary (Bangu 1), in Complexo de Gericinó.

In this last video you can see a cell phone charging next to the sandwich maker. During the search in the cells, in addition to the “famous” detainee – who did not have his identity revealed – 17 cell phones, 13 chips, a small amount of drugs and other objects that were not allowed were found.

Out of prison routine

In addition to the prison routine, some of the shared media are from parties and the streets of Macaé, which he refers to as his birthplace. It is not yet known whether these are from a period before the prison regime. Seap said it is investigating the occurrence and will intensify the actions of repression and punishment of those who facilitate the access of prisoners with the devices.