Injustice: DC Announces Animated Movie Inspired By The Game


Injustice: Warner Bros. Animation is developing an animated film based on the game Injustice. The new DC feature will get a preview of the Batman DVD extras: The Long Halloween – Part II. Other details, such as the release date or cast, have yet to be revealed.

Injustice: what is the story of the game?

In the game, released in 2013, the Joker manipulates Superman to kill Lois Lane and accidentally destroy Metropolis with a nuclear bomb. After the trauma, the man of steel becomes a genocidal tyrant and Batman leads the resistance against the regime.

Following the game, launched in 2017, the fight against Superman continues. The main heroes and villains also come together against Brainiac. The franchise also explores the history of some characters, such as the Green Arrow, Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Flash and Shazam.

The plot of the game Injustice was the main inspiration of Zack Snyder for the nightmares in Batman Vs Superman and in his version of Justice League. In the director’s idea, Lois would be killed by Darkseid and Batman’s inability to prevent this from happening causes Superman to become the villain’s puppet and take control of the Earth.

In the sequence planned by Snyder, the bat man would also be responsible for leading the resistance, coming to ally with villains in order to end Superman’s tyranny.


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