Initiative to prosecute AMLO presidents proceed in Senate


The popular consultation promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to put the country’s former presidents on trial was declared appropriate by the Senate of the Republic.

The plenary session approved, with 65 votes in favor and 49 against, the opinion that grants it the character of “national significance”.

Opposition legislators argued in vain that it is an unconstitutional appeal. The majority bench prevailed and approved the consultation, which will represent an expense of about 8 billion pesos.

“Useless consultation,” read a banner that PAN senators unfolded. “Trial of former presidents now,” Morena’s bench revoked, but, in fact, its members were reluctant to prosecute them.

The PAN member Erandi Bermúdez went up to the rostrum with a complaint against the former presidents, which he hastened to sign, and then summon those of Morena to do the same and go immediately to the Attorney General’s Office to present the document.

Bermúdez walked to the seat of Martí Batres to bring the complaint closer to him, but the former Morenoist leader escaped.

“How are we going to sign those badly made texts,” he excused himself.

“They have not had the courage to talk about the envelopes of money that Pío López Obrador received,” said Xóchitl Gálvez, a PAN member, who took the stand with a basket of eggs and another of grapefruits.

The woman from Hidalgo also showed handmade girdles with which she urged Morena’s to denounce all the corrupt characters.

“Remove your skirt and pants and denounce all the characters, everyone,” he challenged.

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