Initiative advances in creating COVID-19 vaccine


A Brazilian startup may be responsible for yet another vaccine that aims to end the coronavirus pandemic. The company Farmacore and the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto at the University of São Paulo (FMRP-USP) are working with the American company PDS Biotechnology on a new immunizer called Versamune-CoV-2FC, which is ready to move on to human testing. .

The Brazilian startup is responsible for the vaccine’s recombinant protein technology, which will be combined with the activation mechanisms of the immune system developed by PDS. According to Helena Faccioli, president of Farmacore, the vaccine is based on “a highly innovative system that combines lipid nanoparticles – as an adjuvant – with recombinant S1 protein.”

According to the person responsible for Farmacore, Versamune-CoV-2FC also activates the IFN Type 1 pathway. The mechanism guarantees a more effective action against the virus, in addition to a longer lasting immune response.

Support from ANVISA

The immunizing agent made by the Brazilian company has already received support from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and is advancing. Currently, the development of the immunizer is in the final stages of pre-clinical testing.

The next step for the vaccine is to start clinical trials, which involve humans. According to the Farmacore commander’s estimates, the next phase of development of the immunizer will begin in May. “The results obtained demonstrate that the vaccine is effective, safe, and is ready to advance to the clinical phase with safety and low technological risk.”

According to the president of the Brazilian startup, the goal is to test the vaccine on approximately 30,000 volunteers. The next stage of development should take more than a year, but the results obtained in the first three months of the next stage can be used to speed up the production of the immunizer, if the data are approved by ANVISA.

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