Inhumans: What We Suspect Why Marvel’s Show Was Canceled So Quickly


The MCU is a colossal franchise that is conquering everything in its path. It might have started out on the big screen, but it has shelled out millions to head to television, and this decision has been a brilliant one on the part of the franchise. So far, the MCU has done an amazing job on television. The franchise has done a great job of mixing things up on television and things haven’t been going so well right now.

Don’t you remember Inhumans on TV? Well, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this project, which was initially meant to be a movie, got off to a horrible start and he never got his feet under it. There was a lot of publicity that Marvel tried to put into the show, and it even made its big screen debut via IMAX screens. Longtime fans were really excited to see what this show would bring to the table and how it would expand as a franchise, but they had little idea how bad this show would be.

Not only did it have the Marvel brand behind it, but the characters themselves are pretty popular on the pages. Add in the fact that talented artists like Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, and more were on board, and it’s easy to look back and see why there was hype surrounding Inhumans. Unfortunately, this show was a huge turnaround and a miss, and was removed from daylight in the blink of an eye.

So why the hell was Inhumans canceled so quickly? Well, there were certainly several things at play here, one of which was the fact that the project itself had a horrible reception. Even the lower-tier Marvel projects that get released find some semblance of success. A lot of people don’t like Thor: The Dark World, but it was still a successful movie. Unfortunately, people didn’t like Inhumans, and no one talks about the show anymore.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the show also had terrible ratings. Long story short, no one was tuning in to give the show a chance, and those who actually rolled the dice on the show didn’t like what the franchise was bringing to the table.

Yes, it was bad, and to this day, you won’t hear rave reviews about the ill-fated show. Actually, to be honest, you won’t really hear anyone talk about it, which is worse. Inhumans dropped the ball years ago, but thankfully, Marvel figured out the television sphere and it’s working these days.