Ingrid Chauvin separates from her husband!


Ingrid Chauvin shared a sad news with her fans on social networks. The actress of Tomorrow belongs to us divorce from her husband.

She will have done everything to make her marriage last … Unfortunately, Ingrid Chauvin, who shines every night in Tomorrow belongs to us, divorces her husband.

Married to Thierry Peythieu since 2011, the actress announced on Wednesday November 11 that she was divorcing. And it was via Instagram that the actress decided to share the sad news.

The couple had gone through many hardships including the loss of their first child. A few years later, the young woman gives birth to a baby boy, “the best gift of her life”, as she confided to MyTF1.

So that wouldn’t have been enough for the young woman. Indeed, after several years of relationship, she closes this beautiful chapter. On Instagram, she wrote: “Sometimes our lives need to be completely turned upside down, changed, reorganized …”.


The actress continues: “With the father of my son, our paths separate. I have to tell you, without wanting to communicate more. Thank you in advance for your respect, which I know is immense. I kiss you. Ingrid. »A simple and effective message.

The pretty blonde, who has always been close to her fans, does not hide anything from them. So when she lost her little girl, she didn’t hesitate to talk about it in the media, so that she could heal.

Now single, as her character in Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress will therefore focus on her life as an actress and as a mother.

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In an interview with Pleine Vie, Ingrid Chauvin confided that her whole life revolved around her son, Tom. “I am a very, if not too, protective mom. We have a very strong bond, a great bond, we listen to each other very much. My life revolves around him ”.


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