Ingrid Chauvin really separated from her darling?


Ingrid Chauvin, from Tomorrow belongs to us, has just deleted the publication in which she announced her separation from her darling

Ingrid Chauvin and her companion had been inseparable for almost 9 years. But their love doesn’t seem to have been strong enough. Otherwise, the Tomorrow actress belongs to us and her sweetheart would not have made the choice to separate.

Because yes, that is indeed what was happening a few hours ago. The pretty blonde announcing the sad news on her Instagram account. Our colleagues here, recalling how the two met several years ago:

“We met at an evening organized at TF1. It was February 2011, around a galette des rois, in the midst of 200 guests. Our eyes are stupidly crossed. At that moment, it seemed, despite the hubbub, that we were alone. Ingrid Chauvin said first. Before adding:

“Our meeting was love at first sight. I liked his frank gaze, his smile… The evening passed, our eyes were searching and it made us smile (…) Forty-eight hours and some 150 SMS later, an appointment was made in a restaurant Parisian. Where we realized the desire not to want to leave us anymore … ”

In the end, this “desire to leave” seems to have appeared on Ingrid Chauvin’s side …


But as we let you know above, there would have been a lot of changes in a matter of hours. Indeed, the actress would no longer be single at the time of writing. Yet, according to her last words about her relationship, the page seemed well and truly turned.

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Since Ingrid Chauvin wrote: “Sometimes our lives need to be completely turned upside down, changed, reorganized … With the father of my son, our paths therefore separate. I have to tell you, without wanting to communicate more. ”

Before concluding: “Thank you in advance for your respect, which I know is immense. I kiss you. Ingrid. “So you will understand, despite everything that may have happened, she retains a deep respect for her ex. A respect so great she would have fallen back into his arms by now.

Indeed, Here is just noted that Ingrid Chauvin had deleted the post in which she announced her breakup!


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