Ingrid Chauvin frustrated by Here Everything Begins!


The Here Everything Begins television series causes frustration for Ingrind Chauvin, star of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Oh what a shame ! Because of the Here Everything Starts series, the Tomorrow belongs to Us star is feeling very frustrated. Ingrid Chauvin confided her greatest regret.

Just because Ingrid Chauvin carries the Tomorrow belongs to us series, doesn’t mean she doesn’t watch competing soap operas. Indeed, the actress is passionate about Here Everything Begins!

And for good reason, the one who lends her features to Chloé Delcourt – the main character of the first program – loves one of the actors. Better yet, she would have loved to be able to play alongside him.

But who is it? Francis Huster, one of his former playing partners in the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, the latter lent his features to Auguste Armand.

Thus, the beautiful blonde did not hide her “frustration” from our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. “I would have loved to be able to tour with Francis Huster! It’s a shame, we just crossed paths, it didn’t play out much. ”

Then Jade and Tom’s mom – whom she had with her past love with Thierry Peythieu – added: “It’s a frustration but we sent each other messages. ”

However, you know what they say: one lost, ten found. So Ingrid Chauvin had the happy surprise to discover that she would play with one of her former colleagues.

Indeed, the actress is now playing alongside Charles Lelaure, the one who plays Xavier in the series Femmes à loi. “It was a happy reunion in DNA. He (Editor’s note: Charles) is charming, funny and very pleasant, ”she said.


In any case, if the star of Tomorrow belongs to us does not hide her frustration, she hides many other secrets. Indeed, Ingrid Chauvin does not want to show everything on screen.

So, she manages to hide a big detail in front of the cameras thanks to her acting skills. In fact, she even bragged about it to our colleagues at Télé-Loisirs.

“It gets really cold on set sometimes. You can’t turn on the heat because of the noise, ”she joked. After all, it is true that actors have to face the vagaries of filming.

However, the pretty blonde could not leave the paths of the shoot so far. “The recurring aspect (Editor’s note: of the series) suited me because I have my career behind me and, being a young mother, it would allow me to be in the same place for my son. ”

And “three and a half years later”, Ingrid Chauvin assures him: “there is no weariness”. Moreover, it is even quite the “opposite, it is exhilarating to evolve with a character”. “I feel good in Tomorrow is ours,” she added.


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