Ingenuity: Sixth Helicopter Flight on Mars Happens Soon


Ingenuity: The fifth flight of the Ingenuity autonomous helicopter, built by NASA, was the last of its first phase on Mars. However, thanks to the good condition of the equipment, the agency initiates the demonstration phase of the mission’s operations.

According to NASA, Ingenuity should do a different mission this week than the previous ones, more focused on exploration. After reaching an altitude of 10 meters, the unmanned vehicle will move 150 meters to the southwest and start capturing color material on video from the region.

After recording, he travels another 50 meters to the south and lands at a new base of operations, called “Field C” – which has not been scanned before, but data from the orbital camera indicates it is a little rugged terrain. The speed must also be a record: 4 m / s.

Farther and farther away

The recorded material will be sent to Earth and should serve for researchers to determine the quality of exploration by an aerial vehicle on the planet. This flight will not be recorded by the main vehicle, which is preparing to start science missions.

Ingenuity is part of Perseverance, the American rover that landed on Mars successfully in February 2021. Two months later, the helicopter was switched on and decoupled, making the first flight of a human-made vehicle on another planet without any problems.

Held in early May, the fifth flight of the helicopter was already considered historic, because the landing was a different region from that used for takeoff.


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