Information Has Leaked About The Colors of The Liverpool Uniform For The 2023/24 Season — With The Third Form of The Color “cosmic purple”


Details about Liverpool’s uniforms for next season are already starting to emerge, and the color schemes for all three shirts of the 2023/24 season have leaked from a reliable source.

Less than three months after the start of the 2022/23 season, information about the Nike Liverpool uniform for the next season is already beginning to appear.

Indeed, Liverpool’s current third uniform was only released in mid-September, and to date, Jurgen Klopp’s team has worn it only once.

However, some are already anticipating what next season’s shirts will look like, and the colors of all three are circulating online.

The source of the Footy Headlines football uniform has published the alleged colors of Liverpool for the home, away and third shirts next season.

It is believed that Liverpool’s home uniform for the 2023/24 season will be “sporty red” in combination with white accents on the emblems and logos of sponsors.

The current home uniform of the Reds consists of two slightly different shades of red, while white is present only on the club’s coat of arms and sponsor logos. It will be interesting to see if the white color on next year’s home uniform will be more noticeable on the collar or any other patterns on the T-shirt.

They say that the colors of the next season’s away uniforms are white and “green spark”, and the logos on the T—shirt are black.

Meanwhile, the third set is believed to have the color “cosmic purple”, with white used for logos, and possibly with some other dark gray or “mesh” applications.

Footy Headlines compare the third uniform with the one that was in the 2013/14 season, when purple was last used on the Liverpool uniform, and also say that there is a similarity between the purple color on one of the goalkeeper’s shirts this season.

They add that the color of the shorts and socks is unknown at this stage.

None of the exact T-shirt designs are yet known, but it’s interesting to get an idea of what we can expect from the uniforms next season.

Home, guest or third party? What colors do you like the most?


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