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Celebrate the 14-year history of BIGBANG, discover some facts and curiosities that you did not know about the K-pop band.

BIGBANG is one of the most famous male groups in the K-pop industry, with a great impact and with a long history, the idols of YG Entertainment came to revolutionize the style and concept of music in South Korea.

Taeyang, Daesung, G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri debuted on stage on August 19, 2006, idols performed to the public with a Hip Hop sound at YG Family’s 10th anniversary celebration concert.

From their first musical productions they were characterized by their talents in composition and production, giving VIP a great variety of tracks and getting their albums to be placed in the best places on the sales and reproductions charts.

‘MADE SERIES’ was BIGBANG’s last record material, as the Korean pop idols announced a hiatus from official activities for their military service entry. This year 2020 they had planned their big comeback by performing at the popular Coachella festival, but due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, their show was postponed until further notice.

What is a fact is that BIGBANG is one of the most legendary and respected K-pop groups, they have managed to stay in the people’s taste and today, which is their anniversary, their fans demonstrate the power that the band has led by G-Dragon.

VIP is celebrating the band’s 14th debut anniversary, on social media Internet users use the hashtags # 14YearsWithBIGBANG and # BIGBANG14thAnniversary to express their love and admiration for the performers of ‘Fantastic Baby’.


  • Taeyang, Daesung, G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri were able to create good chemistry with VIP and before debuting they showed their most natural side in the documentary ‘Big Bang’.
  • BIGBANG was not going to be called that way, because the members proposed some ideas for the band, some of them were: Apex and Stump.
  • It is the most mentioned band when it comes to role models, many other K-pop groups have been inspired by their career and steps to cement their own history as music stars.
    BIGBANG idols hold a record in Latin America, as K-pop artists sold out the 2015 TOUR
  • MADE tickets in less than 5 minutes in Mexico.
  • Singer Jang Hyun Seung, former member of BEAST and duo TroubleMaker, was going to be part of BIGBANG’s official lineup, but was ultimately eliminated.
  • Daesung struggled a lot to make his parents understand his dreams of being an idol, because at first they wanted him to dedicate himself to something else.
  • G-Dragon is one of the idols with the most songs registered as his own.
  • T.O.P despite having an appearance of a cold and not very open person, is the most playful member of BIGBANG.
  • Taeyang grew up in the home of one of his relatives and loved listening to the radio, so one of his first loves was music.
  • G-Dragon thinks his hair looks great when he comes out of the shower, it is one of the styles he likes the most in him.
  • Seungri has a special appreciation for G-Dragon, as he has confessed that he is his role model and admires him too much.
  • One of the people that Daesung loves the most is his sister, although they are very close, when he sends him messages showing him support, he feels sorry.
  • T.O.P and PSY are very close artists, the ‘Gangnam Style’ singer invited the boys to a party and T.O.P went to play with the interpreter’s children’s toys.
  • Taeyang is a very spiritual person, since he was little he went to church and played the piano for the attendants and guests of the venue.
  • Since Seungri is the oldest in his family, he had a hard time being the youngest member of BIGBANG.
  • G-Dragon always yells before every performance, he thinks it’s good luck.
  • T.O.P is a very good actor, he appeared in different productions demonstrating his abilities by transmitting his emotions through the small screen.
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