Influencers respond Ariana Grande for her recent criticism


Recently, Ariana Grande exploded against some tiktokers and social media influencers because they went out to party in the midst of the harsh global health situation, Bryce Hall and Dixie D’Amelio answered the ‘7 Rings’ singer that way.

Uggg girl! Ariana Grande has shown that she has no problem sharing her deepest and most sincere thoughts; be it political, social and sentimental.

The Florida native music star was the guest of honor on the radio program Zach Sang, on the show Ariana Grande explained all the changes she has experienced due to confinement and the adventure she made to record her album ‘Positions’, as she set up a studio at home and had a lot of time to compose.

Ariana Grande used the microphone of the talk to launch some criticism towards people who do not respect the distancing measures, nor quarantine, the interpreter of ‘Only One’ said that influencers and tiktokers worsen the health situation with her behavior world.

The celebrity added that nothing would improve if people went out partying and attended meetings with a large number of guests, especially the Internet figures who continue to celebrate large events despite the serious moment that humanity is going through.


The popular influencer Bryce Hall shared his ideas about the criticisms of Ariana Grande, the Internet celebrity had a talk with the hosts of the Hollywood Raw podcast, where he expressed that the singer of ‘Rain On Me’ was only following an advertising strategy .

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The youtuber believes that it was not necessary to address Internet stars, because there are other people who come out and are not criticized so harshly, while influencers are an easy target because they are public figures, he concluded:

It was like a marketing move and good that good for her, Ariana is not wrong

Dixie D’Amelio was another tiktoker who expressed her ideas about Ariana Grande’s comments, the young woman assured that the American singer is correct, her words were:

She’s right she’s absolutely right, yeah she’s a queen and I love her

The influencer originally from the city of Norwalk in Connecticut, United States hopes to one day collaborate with Ariana Grande, because she believes that her music is special and represents the feelings of many people.

If you want to know more about the statements of the American singer, you cannot leave Rex Nation without first visiting: Ariana Grande explodes against the tiktokers who attend parties.


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