The Influencer Lele Pons Melts Her Followers With Latest Post


Did you get more? Lele Pons is going to burst the top and there is a photo. The influencer Lele Pons melts her followers with latest post.

Who does not know it is because she is blind that is clear. Lele Pons is currently the influencer of music but that takes its toll on a frequent basis and with it was not going to be an exception.

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Mi amor ❤️❤️❤️ guess who…

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The singer has always been characterized by speaking clearly and emphatically about all the arrangements that have been made in the body and in the face, but sometimes she goes further and she as she likes to surprise has done as nobody had done before . She has uploaded a photo, although it has not been her official channels but rather it has been a screenshot, where she looks without makeup and even another of how she was before going through the operating room.

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4 days left for my bday

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All the alarms have jumped among her followers since they could not believe their eyes and less after seeing all the photographs they are accustomed to seeing.

In truth it has not received great criticism but that its followers have been undone in praise for the actress, in truth it has been seen many times in a swimsuit with which she did not have many arrangements on it, although it is true that by she usually abuses her makeup layers frequently and seeing her without all that adornment has become very rare.

But the thing was not only there when taking a picture of how it was before she recognized that she had only performed a rhinoplasty to stay with her current appearance, that is, that only her nose has been retouched, although that speaking of her face, It is really known that she has passed more times in the operating room especially to make more arrangements in her body, specifically in her front, since it is the part of her most modified anatomy, she has also been accused of injecting fat into the buttocks rather than Kim Kardashian or her sister Kylie also does but unlike them, Lele has said on numerous occasions that it is not a practice she performs.

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