Infinity Ward to make new wave of banns in Call of Duty


Another round of expulsions will take place as part of the particular war on cheats that Infinity Ward finds herself in in him latest job.

Infinity Ward gets serious: A new wave of banning begins in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The company says that “cheating is not tolerated.” If you received a ban, it was for “unauthorized manipulation of game data”. “Do not fall for unscrupulous services that offer modifications and tricks, they are fraudulent,” they comment through their official Twitter account.

This statement is the first point in a list consisting of four tips of special relevance to the user. Therefore, if you take some of the next actions, you will be putting your permanence in the game at risk.

“Do not use unauthorized third party software to modify or hack. This includes tools like hexadecimal editors, which can equip objects that you have not deliberately picked up. We define this as cheating and there is no place for it in our game. You can lose your account. ”

“Unauthorized third-party software includes, but is not limited to, aimbots, wallhacks, trainers, stat hacks, texture hacks, marker hacjs, injectors, hexadecimal editors, or any other software used to modify game or memory data. Do not do it. You can be a ban. ”

“Avoid tutorials or services that offer you ways to modify your camouflage. Anything that suggests altering the memory of your console or PC to acquire new equipment, objects or classes beyond what the game offers you is a hack, so it is considered a trap. We will act according to the action, which can lead to an expulsion ”.


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