Infinity Ward solved a major bug in Warzone


In Call of Duty: Warzone, Infinity Ward’s free battle royale game, players were exposed to abuse due to some kind of bug in the game. However, the studio announced to the Warzone players that this problem was eliminated and that the players could be comfortable against those who tried to win an unfair victory.

The bug that annoyed Warzone players has been resolved

In Warzone, players suffered from aimbotters and wallhackers exploiting another vulnerability in a game. While the loop in question was shrinking, they were able to improve their health with the stim shots in the game as they sat in the poisonous gas waiting for everyone else to die. While other players grappled with the gas and other factors, they could win the match. However, a post was made on Infinity Ward’s Twitter account.


In the post, “Thank you for your support and patience in trying to solve this problem. We are happy to say that a fix has been implemented and we will continue to monitor feedback ”.

Last week, the studio released a patch to resolve players’ exposure to gas when traveling on subway networks on maps. The patch also significantly reduced the impact of the SP-R 208 gun used for many players. The most important feature of the gun was that it killed the opponent when a single shot was made anywhere on the upper part of the chest.

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