Infinite battery: Urbanist creates 1st phone with solar recharge


Infinite battery: Urbanista presented this Wednesday (14) its new Los Angeles headphones. The product’s differential, according to the company, is in the Powerfoyle solar cell, which can recharge the device’s battery when it comes into contact with any type of light, not just the solar one. The purpose of the technology is to ensure infinite load for the user.

When exposed to sunlight for an hour, the technology adds up to three hours of battery life to the device. On cloudy days, every hour in an open environment, the phone captures up to two hours of recharge. In addition, artificial light can also charge the device, but with weaker intensity. Still, if it is the user’s preference, it is possible to use a USB cable.

The product is the first on the market to integrate Powerfoyle technology. Last year, JBL tried to use the material in a new product of the brand, but ended up putting the idea aside with the beginning of the pandemic.

The model will be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows systems, as well as support from Google Assistant and Siri. The phone also pauses the music when it detects that the user has removed the device and resumes when it is in contact with the ears.

Sales have not yet started, but it is estimated that Urbanista Los Angeles’s price in the United States is around US $ 200 (about R $ 1,130, in the current conversion).


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