Inertial Drift, analysis: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Extreme speeds, heart-stopping drifts and neon lights in Level 91 and PQube’s new arcade racing game for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch; we analyze it.

Inertial Drift is the latest from the publisher PQube together with the Northern Irish indie developer Level 91 Entertainment, a racing arcade in which the main thing is to drift at maximum speed and link curves from side to side without respite. Thus, drifting enthusiasts have the opportunity to fully exploit their favorite automobile discipline through a carefree and colorful proposal, infused with neon lights, cell shading graphics, electronic music, fictional vehicles specially prepared for the most aggressive drifts. and a unique double stick-style arcade gameplay that will challenge us to overcome the most intense challenges one after another. Welcome to the 90s retro-futuristic world of Inertial Drift, a video game now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; Is it worth it for drifting fans? The answer in our analysis.

Return to the arcade rooms

Inertial Drift was born from the idea of ​​recovering the spirit of arcade racing games from arcades, the kind of titles in which pure and simple gameplay takes center stage from the first moment we introduced the coin or , in this case, when starting the game on our favorite platform. The new from the creative team based in Belfast offers a relaxed gaming experience, something that becomes clear after a few moments at the controls, although it contains much more than it might seem at the level of proposal and control of the different cars. And it is that beyond the first impression after passing a tutorial, perhaps, too accessible, we collide head-on with reality, which is nothing other than a totally unexpected requirement in the race and which can mean a somewhat high access window for little players experienced in a genre that advocates fast games and a continuous sense of learning.

But, let us start at the beginning; Let’s get to the starting line and find out what Inertial Drift has to offer at the content level. Surprisingly, the title is not lacking in options, with different game modes such as a story mode, a challenge mode, an arcade mode, another called Grand Prix and the aforementioned tutorial, as well as multiplayer modes both on split screen and online; Of course, any player will find their favorite game mode (or several of them) with hours and hours of play ahead. But let’s go on to discover the true central axis of Inertial Drift: the counter-steering or drifting, the main mechanics to master in order to win the different races and tests in which we will participate, whatever the game mode we dedicate more time to.


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