Indivisible add-on content has been canceled


505 Games announces that, following the closure of the studio run by Indivisible, most of the additional content in the game has been canceled, although not all.

Although Indivisible has been a success for Lab Zero Games, it has not helped them to get rid of the final closure, and the matter has already been painting quite bad for weeks. Accusations of harassment against the CEO of the studio, Mike Zaimont, led to the massive dismissal of its workers, ending up being shut down suddenly, canceling the additional content that was planned for the game.

As we said, for months now the situation at Lab Zero Games was completely unsustainable, with workers having left their position, and those who remained in it, being subsequently fired. The accusations of sexual harassment towards Zaimont would have been the trigger for everything to happen quickly until the dissolution of the company was terminated, which in turn put into question all the work in which they had been engaged for a long time.

505 Games, publisher of the game, has confirmed that the additional content of Indivisible has been definitively canceled. Having been released last year, it was planned that characters from other games would arrive in the future, such as Shantae, Shovel Knight and more, something that ultimately will not happen, as well as all those characters created by some backers of the game during their campaign on Indiegogo.

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