Indie Games Coming to PlayStation: First Games Announced


Indie games are also coming to the popular console with the new Sony initiative announced on the PlayStation blog. New productions will be added to the list every month, while explaining which console’s first Indie productions will be.

One of the rising trends of the game industry in recent years has been the games called Indie. These games, which are especially preferred in computers, did not reach the desired level of popularity in consoles.

Making a statement on the PlayStation blog, Shuhei Yoshida announces The PlayStation Indies Initiative, Sony’s new Indie production support project for PlayStation. The aim of the new project is to bring more Indie games to the platform and to include more Indie productions on PlayStation Now every month. Yoshida is also known as a name from this industry.

Nine Indie production coming

While Yoshida announced the new initiative, nine new Indie games will be announced soon. Three of the games became clear. The first production appeared was F.I.S.T .: Forgen in Shadow from the PlayStation China Hero Project.

The first Indie production to be added to PlayStation Now also appeared. The Hello Neighbor game, in which we play a child who watches his neighbor’s house full of dangers and tampers with his left and right, will be the first game of the new initiative.

According to the statements of Yoshida, a new Indie game will be added to PlayStation Now every month. In other words, users of the service will have a new game that can be played every month. According to the blog post, these games will be “the best of the best”.

Do indies affect consoles?

In fact, the game industry is in a very interesting discussion recently. It was stated recently that the costs of AAA games have become unbearable. On the other hand, it is known that new game studios have been established all over the world.

Sony’s decision to support having more Indie games on PlayStation seems to be beneficial for both those who want to enter the industry, both the platform users and Sony. If you were the authorized name at Sony, which game would you bring to the platform next month?


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