Indiana Jones 5 Is Coming Up, Filming Is Over


Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford puts his hat back on to star in a thrilling new Indy adventure. The road has been long and rocky, but Indiana Jones 5 is beginning to take firm steps towards its theatrical release. The new feature film produced by Lucasfilm has just completed its filming process. Despite the secrecy with which the filming has been carried out, director Frank Marshall has confirmed on social networks that the film has already finished recording. The tweet is accompanied by an image of a cap with Indy’s name screen printed on it.

Little is known about the synopsis of Indiana Jones 5, other than that it will culminate in the story arc of the protagonist, once again played by veteran Harrison Ford. Lucasfilm has not had an easy time finding the tone of the scripts, since Steven Spielberg himself, who was going to be the director, decided to leave the project after disagreements arose due to the script. The one who does return is John Williams, the legendary composer, who recently turned 90.

Indiana Jones 5 release date

If nothing changes, Indiana Jones 5 will be released on June 30, 2023. However, nothing is set in stone, especially in these times, with a health crisis that has affected the calendar of large productions and has caused the delay of important premieres. In those moments it gives the impression that COVID-19 has given a truce.

The company led by Kathleen Kennedy continues to work on countless projects, including the new Indy movie, the Willow series and countless Star Wars productions. The next series to premiere on Disney+ are the second season of La Remesa Mala (spring, no specific date) and the six-episode miniseries Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, on May 25. Then The Mandalorian 3 and Ahsoka will arrive.