Indian Day: Globo presents special Falas da Terra to celebrate date


Indian Day: This Monday (19), Globo will show the documentary Falas da Terra. With testimonies in first person and showing the cultural richness of several indigenous peoples, the exhibition of the special will be a tribute to Diado Índio, a date remembered today.

In addition to interviewing indigenous people, the production counted on the participation of professionals such as Ailton Krenak, leader of the Socioenvironmental Movement for the Defense of Indigenous Rights; Ziel Karapató, artist and activist; Graciela Guarani, filmmaker and Olinda Tupinambá, journalist and documentary filmmaker.

“The public will know the story not only of those who live far from the city, close to nature, but also of those who live in large urban centers, without leaving behind their beliefs, customs and traditions. Doctors, artists, biologists, award-winning writers, youtubers, among other professions will be featured in the special ”, says a text about the documentary on the website Gshow.

Among the themes, Falas da Terra addresses cultural and environmental preservation; language and customs of various indigenous peoples; stories of resistance and activism; land demarcation and importance of literature.

Several important figures for the indigenous debate were interviewed for the documentary. Among these characters is Chief Raoni Metuktire Kayapó, an internationally respected leadership. He has even been pre-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to Raoni, Myriam Krexu, the first indigenous vascular surgeon in Brazil to participate in the production; Fernanda Kaingang, lawyer and Master in Public Law that fights for indigenous rights; and Davi Kopenawa Yanonami, a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil has about 817 thousand indigenous people from more than 300 different ethnicities. The Indian Day was instituted in 1943, by the then president Getúlio Vargas, to remember the importance of the political struggle of preservation and respect for the native peoples of the country.

The program will air on Monday night right after Big Brother Brazil.


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