Indian agriculture initiative DeHaat received $12 million investment


India-based DeHaat, one of the agriculture-focused ventures, received a $ 12 million Series A investment under the leadership of Sequoia Capital.

There is an intense knowledge of agriculture-oriented enterprises recently. Especially after the spread of the corona virus, the farmers’ planting land and the mechanism of the products reaching the buyers and then the consumers are a little worried for everyone. Because continuing this cycle completely is a very basic need both in terms of economy and nutrition. The most important factor that provides this cycle is the process that starts with the farmer from the seed from the soil and lastly until the product reaches the home of the consumer.

DeHaat is an initiative that focuses on the process and analyzes data to fully automate the platform supply chain and increase the efficiency of the new supply chain, using technology for it. They received their last investment to improve this process and to spread it primarily in India.

DeHaat came in March 2019, with its first investment of $ 4 million before Series A. The current investment is Series A and the initiative will spend undertaking automation of agricultural activities with a $ 12 million resource. The leading investment company in Series A investment is Sequoia Capital, which we all know closely. The Dutch entrepreneurship development bank FMO and the venture’s previous investors, Omnivore and AgFunder, are among the other investors on this tour.

DeHaat, which means village in the Indian language, is a kind of initiative that primarily relieves the burden on farmers. After farmers start working with DeHaat, DeHaat tests the soil farmers have and a profile of the soil is produced. In this way, the soil is suitable for what is produced, how the condition of the soil, everything is tested. This also concerns the institution that will give credit to the farmer, and other institutions that will provide all kinds of equipment or seeds to the farmer. Because the output of the crop and the money that the farmer earns is also a quality that will allocate the input and security of these other organizations.

At this point, DeHaat presents the whole process and the ecosystem within the process in a transparent way. Likewise, buyers find the right product at a good price without any question mark on the quality of the products. The DeHaat platform, which has reached nearly 170 thousand farmers, works with more than 250 corporate buyers. At the same time, DeHaat has established centers in some cities. Through these centers, it provides services and training to farmers on issues such as training, stock delivery and business development. To put it simply, this private initiative in India plays an important role in development and can be considered as a bright future with the use of technology.


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