India Is The Target Of Billionaire Investor Draper


The well-known name of the markets, Tim Draper, thinks of India as the new investment region. Successful investor said that the developments in the country have turned out to be positive, and that India will make a new crypto attack.

Known for his early Apple, Tesla and Skype investments, billionaire investor Draper is also a tight Bitcoin follower. Draper, who says that Bitcoin will be 250 thousand dollars and is very insistent on this issue, has now set his eyes on India.

The ban imposed by the central bank of the country has been lifted by the upper court, thus making transactions open again in India.

Saying that he made a visit to India in March, Tim Draper was also very pleased with the results of this visit. Draper stated that he is meeting with the crypto money initiatives in the country, and said that he will turn to these attempts again with the shield ban.

According to Draper, who stated that India will make a big leap in the coming period with the effect of this shield ban, the country has come to the brink of a new crypto money renaissance. The successful investor started looking for opportunities to turn this situation into an advantage and to fund the country’s crypto money initiatives.


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