India presses WhatsApp again on privacy policy


India’s Supreme Court is charging WhatsApp for explanations of the messenger’s new privacy policy. The court wants to understand why the app’s privacy standards are lower for users in the country than for Europeans.

Currently, a petition wants to prevent the technology company from implementing the new terms in the country. So the court claims that citizens are afraid of losing their privacy and it is up to them to protect them.

The petition in question was rescued by the chief prosecutor of the Indian court S. A. Bobde. The document is based on a pending provisional application originally filed in 2017.

At the time, WhatsApp denied the data sharing allegations and explained that it uses the same privacy policy in all countries. The exception occurs in European nations because they have special data protection laws.

The company then pledged to follow new privacy rules if India had a similar status. At the time, the court replied that “people value their privacy more than the company’s value, which can be in the trillions”.

Brazil also requires explanations

Last week, Brazil also charged WhatsApp for explanations of the new privacy policy. On February 5, the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) sent a notification to the company that belongs to Facebook.

The agency gave the company up to 15 days to provide clarifications. So, she needs to answer questions about users’ privacy control and whether people who don’t agree with the new rules will have to leave the app.

WhatsApp’s new privacy terms have caused controversy in many countries. Scheduled to go into effect in February, the deployment has been postponed to May. In this way, the company will have time to clarify the doubts of users and governments.

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