India engulfed by billions of locusts


Billions of locusts have invaded the state of Rajasthan in India. From Pakistan, they swept over the residential areas of the capital Jaipur, forcing the inhabitants to take refuge in their homes. The quality of the images is unfortunately not exceptional but they remain incredible!

India is experiencing its worst invasion of locusts since 1993. The swarms of insects, which already hit East Africa earlier this year, are now attacking the Asian continent. Locusts wreak havoc on crops and can devour all of the leaves on a tree in minutes. From neighboring Pakistan, locusts are carried by the wind and their trajectory is unpredictable. Locust breeding was favored by the heavy rains of the past few months in the Arabian Peninsula. Something to worry the farmers, who have already suffered from the confinement linked to Covid-19. The latter vainly try to scare the locusts away by tapping on pots and shots.


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