India covid-19 vaccine maker hit by fire in India


The Serum Institute, in India, on the news for making the Oxford vaccine against covid-19, was hit on Thursday morning (21) by a fire. In addition to producing the immunizer with the pharmaceutical conglomerate AstraZeneca / Oxford, the Indian laboratory is the largest producer of vaccines in the world, in addition to other immunobiological drugs.

Early in the morning, Serum President Adar Poonawalla used his Twitter account to say that after the accident, some floors of the facility had been destroyed, but that there were no victims. However, in an update at 9:27 am (Brasília time), the executive acknowledged that the fire had left victims.

On the production of vaccines against covid-19

According to the Times of India, at least five people were killed in the fire, possibly workers on a job that was being carried out on the building and which, according to the Indian press, would have been the initial heat source with an electrical failure.

Images taken by Reuters’ ANI agency show black smoke billowing from a gray building in the center of the huge complex that houses the Serum Institute, located in the western Indian city of Pune.

In a statement to the press, Poonawalla reassured all governments and countries in the world that await the vaccine, saying that there will be no “loss of production from COVISHIELD, due to the various production buildings I keep in reserve to deal with these contingencies”.


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