The Incredible Story of Murder Solved Thanks to the Waterproof Rolex Watch


Companies spend millions on marketing teams’ activities for brand images, but sometimes events that are completely out of control can make all eyes return to the product. Here in this news, we will tell you such a story. Let’s take a closer look at the story of the murder that has been solved thanks to a waterproof Rolex watch.

Companies have to work for brand images for a long time, but some incidents can entirely accidentally draw all attention to these products. Rolex Oyster Perpetual, which played an important role in resolving the Ronald Platt murder in 1996, is also at the center of such a story.

This murder story includes a financial collapse of a company, a million-dollar fraud, Interpol, fake identities, and of course a murder. Let’s take a closer look at the story.

Rolex, which resolves a murder:
In the middle of this story is Albert Johnson Walker, whose photo you see above. Walker is known as a Canadian who has dropped out of high school, who was hired as a bank clerk by a trust company. Walker achieves a status through tax refunds and learning the financial market, and ultimately establishes Walker Financial, where he does accounting.

Walker Financial is quite successful at first. The company is growing enough to open 6 branches in the first 10 years, but unfortunately it cannot escape from sinking. Walker invests in the stock market in 1986. Later, he defrauded 70 customers and stole 3.2 million Canadian dollars. Walker is the second most searched name in Canada and the second most wanted in Interpol because of this fraud.

Walker fled to Europe with one of his three daughters in 1990 and introduced his daughter as his wife. Walker partners with a television mechanic and future victim Ronald Joseph Platt, along with the David Davis false identity he created. Platt is a Canadian who wants to return home, and Walker offers to offer assistance for this return.

Walker asks Platt for his diving license, identity and signature stamp for the jobs they set up. Platt agrees to give all this and goes to Canada in 1992. Here is where everything starts. Walker, who acquires Platt’s diving license, identity and signature stamp, takes on Platt’s identity.

Platt fell financially in 1995 and returns to England. Of course, this doesn’t work for Walker’s. All the plan he has set up can break out with Platt’s comeback and suddenly find himself behind bars. So he needs to make a new plan.

On July 20, 1996, Walker goes fishing with Platt and kills Platt there. Then he connects an anchor to the body and throws it from the deck to the sea to get rid of the corpse. Two weeks later, a fisherman has a corpse on his wrist, the waterproof Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Right here, the plans of Walker are falling into water.

The corpse remains completely unrecognizable, but the clock remains intact. The police manage to reach the real Ronald Joseph Platt by going back from Rolex’s records thanks to the watch’s serial number and service signs. The date on the watch, the battery that can last for days and its waterproof feature gives the detectives the time of the murder almost flawlessly.

The fake Platt, or Walker, is also caught shortly afterwards and sentenced to life imprisonment. Walker is returned to Canada to face fraud crimes he committed.


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