Incredible Pokemon fan art unites Voltorb and Dodrio in a new fusion

Ever since Game Freak and Nintendo released the first generation of Pokemon, players have been creating fan art that often combines multiple Pokemon into a unique creation. One Pokemon fan decided to present the 1st generation Pokemon Dodrio and Voltorb as a single unit with incredible detail.
Reddit user Kierjames recently posted a GIF of his Dodrio Pokemon fusion mixed with a Voltorb, in which the bird-like creature is depicted as basically a red-and-white biped with wires connecting its parts. The replica Poke Ball Pokemon Voltorb traditionally has only an electric type, while its regional variant Hisuian adds a Grass type, and Dodrio continues to be a flying and conventional type. Due to how long both Pokemon have been featured in the series, they both appeared in the Pokemon anime, although the Kirjames merger looks like something that would match the Pokemon Detective Pikachu.
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The Pokemon dubbed Voltdrio is clearly an electric-type Pokemon like Voltorb, which inspired part of its name, while the main reflection of Dodrio is its shape, which can support the flying type. Kirjames’ central body has a Voltorb red color contrasting with white and devoid of a face, while the three faces that move away from him with black cables have eyes that have a resemblance to Dodrio due to a softer look than Voltorb’s. Each of Voltdrio’s three heads has a fork in the middle that apparently allows electricity to be channeled, while several lines form a tail that extends to the ground between two cable-like legs with bright yellow claws resembling gold wire. .
Voltdrio pokefusion, I’m working on a series of them, so let me know if you want to see more of the Pokemon
Electricity flashes around Voltdrio in Kirjames’ Pokemon fan art, which animates the merged Pokemon as if they were motionless in a game sequence of battles. Although the Voltdrio retains many of the mechanical features of the Voltorb, the body and heads look noticeably softer, which suggests that they probably have a feathery texture, like the Dodrio. Since Dodrio already has forked hair, the forks on Voltdrio’s head don’t look out of place as tuning forks and translate well into electric Pokemon printing.
Many Pokemon fans expressed enthusiasm for Voltdrio Kirjames: the pair compared the merger to Marvel’s Black Thunder, while others referred to a dark scene from Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. While some responses to Kirjames’ fan art suggest that Voltorb and Dodrio were lackluster from Pokemon Gen 1 to the Voltdrio merger, others praised Voltorb and Dodrio for their positive qualities. Some other Pokemon that fans have suggested Kirjames cover in future mergers include Machamp, Pikachu, Skeeter, Shedninja, and Glasseon, while the artist has confirmed that their next Pokemon installment will focus on Snorlax.