Increasing smartwatch options with Garmin Venu Sq


Garmin joined the list of manufacturers that released Apple Watch-like smart watches with Venu Sq. Together with the Venu Sq, the company also unveiled the Venu Sq Music Edition model. Both watches offer their users up to six days of battery life and built-in GPS support. Garmin’s new watches will be sold in the US starting at $ 200. The original Venu will continue to be on the shelves for $ 400.

Choosing the round screen in the original Venu, Garmin switches to the square screen in its new smart watch. This makes the Venu Sq very visually similar to the Apple Watch. For those who love round watches, the more expensive original Venu continues to be the more affordable option.

Venu Sq has features that those who have used Garmin’s smart watches before. Venu Sq can monitor sleep, continuous heart rate, blood oxygen level and stress. In addition to these, abnormalities in heart rate are also reported to users. In the Music Edition, which will be sold for $ 250, users will be able to upload their own songs to the smartwatch.

The 1.3-inch screen of the phone is protected by Gorilla Glass. Venu Sq, which has a stylish appearance with its aluminum frame, does not have a barometer or gyroscope. For this reason, GPS is used for altitude measurement.

Garmin Venu Sq promises many features of its more expensive competitors such as Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch, with a price tag of $ 200. Although Garmin is not very successful in notification and application support, it can be said that Venu Sq will be a suitable option for those who have exercise tracking features.


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