Increasing Demand for Computers in the First Quarter of 2020 Could Not be Fulfilled

While many workplaces switched from home to work model due to the coronavirus epidemic, students also turned to distance education. In this period, although the demand for computers increased, there were problems in supply due to the pandemic.

About a third of the world’s population cannot go out of their home due to a coronavirus pandemic. While companies were turning to work from home during this period, studies were carried out for students to receive distance education.

According to Canalys research, the demand for computers increased in the first quarter of 2020, but the delivery process could not be completed due to supply problems due to Covid-19.

Computer sales dropped 8%
Computer sales fell 8% in the first quarter of the year, making it the biggest drop since the 12% decline in 2012. Despite the increase in demand, the supply was not sufficient due to the limited use of factories.

As computer manufacturers started in 2020, they were producing hardly, especially for Intel processors. Above the problems experienced due to the failure of the transition to 10 nm architecture, the Lunar New Year holiday in the Chinese factories had become pepper on top.

When the unexpected and sharp increase in supply is added to the slowdown in production, the situation is not pleasant at all. Firms can also experience serious problems due to unmet demand. This situation also finds its place in the report.

Only Dell grew in the computer market
Lenovo and HP had 23.9% and 21.8% share in the first quarter of 2020, respectively. Dell followed it with 19.6%. In the fourth place, Apple’s market share remained as little as 6%.

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Dell was the only company that managed to grow in the industry. The positive growth of Dell was only 1.1%. Apple, on the other hand, experienced a 21% drop. This decline was recorded as the hardest drop in the market.

If we look at this situation in terms of consumer, part prices may increase especially in the coming period. In terms of companies, the situation is quite uncertain, and production is expected to decrease further in the coming period of the year. It is known that the coronavirus outbreak affects the industry deeply.



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