Increased! Telegram now supports sending files up to 1.5 GB by messenger


Today (19) Telegram receives an update that promises to make the home office more productive: the messenger now has improved file sharing, and it is now possible to send documents and others that weigh up to 1.5 GB.

With a cutting edge history in terms of resources, Telegram already had file sharing tools for large amounts of data, so increasing the capacity of each file acts as a precaution. Its rival, WhatsApp, took longer to gain the novelty, and currently allows files of a maximum of 100 MB. On cell phones with up to 512 MB of RAM the limit is 10 MB.

With the update, workgroups – for example – can share projects directly through the app, instead of sending an external link from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, for example.

In addition, the international profile of the messenger, via Twitter, showed a … creative way for users to use the message editing option, which can be changed up to 48 hours after sending, and gains a sign below the text informing about the change.

It is worth remembering that, during the quarantine, Telegram reached the mark of 400 million monthly active users. The app has shown that despite not being the most popular messenger, it has a strong audience, mainly attracted by its differentials.

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