“Why the increase of cases in Turkey, the ghost appears, Young Positives”

Municipality workers in protective suits disinfect Kugulu Park due to coronavirus concerns, in Ankara, Turkey, March 17, 2020. REUTERS/Cagla Durak - RC2PLF9CTCLL

The COVID-19 epidemic, which has been the world’s primary agenda since December 2019, continues to leave uncompensable suffering behind. A new study in Iceland reveals what an insidious disease a new type of coronavirus is.

We have been lying with coronavirus for more than 3 months and getting up with coronavirus. While seeking a cure for this deadly epidemic, which costs more than 37,000 lives, healthcare professionals around the world continue to reflect interesting results from research on the virus.

Professor of Health Sciences, participating in a television program as a guest. Dr. Prof. İlyas Dökmetaş and Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Ateş Kara brought up a study in Iceland, where only two deaths from COVID-19 have occurred so far.

Professor Dökmetaş said that 30 percent of patients diagnosed with coronavirus in the Nordic country showed no symptoms. “Because these people are positive, they have infectious properties. “There is less risk of transmitting positives with symptoms but it transmits.” Dökmetaş said that a person with clinical findings had the ability to transmit at a ratio of 1 to 5, while this ratio remained at lower levels in those who did not have the symptom described as a ‘ghost case’. Professor Dökmetaş also cause an increase in the proportion of cases in Turkey, seen in teenagers ‘ghost positives’ that was passed.

According to the research conducted in Iceland, 270 of 170,000 people tested in the country detected COVID-19 disease. While 124 of these cases showed no symptoms, 54 people had mild fever.

Professor in Coronavirus said that the research in Iceland reveals that there are those who do not show these disease findings as well as those who have disease findings in the community. Dr. “Therefore, quarantine is very important. Because it seems not sick, but it can go out and spread it. This is a very new research. Think of everyone in front of you like a patient. Because the virus is new, it is new, this kind of information is emerging.”

Stating that those who have severe diseases infect the virus more and longer. Dr. Kara stated that those who had A-symptoms, that is, have no symptoms, were infected with less and less time, but were still infectious.

Health Minister Fahrettin husband said in a statement yesterday, announced that 1,610 people have tested positive for coronavirus occur in Turkey, he said 37 people had lost their lives while. The total number of cases in Turkey with this figure 10.827’y, while the number of dead had risen to 168.


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