Inconsistent facts between Frank and Claire


Outlander fans were divided into two camps: Team Frank and Team Jamie. Claire’s romances with both men proved iconic, but for different reasons.

How quick was Frank to accept Claire’s story

He is not angered by the fact that she fell in love with another man and soon gets over the fact that she is pregnant with another man’s child. Maybe this was to show Frank’s noble side, but it seems a bit quick that he can get over it in Outlander.

Frank hiding survival from Jamie

Another question that has been raised is why Frank kept Jamie’s survival a secret. If Frank was planning to divorce Claire anyway, then he could have told her. It makes you wonder several things in Outlander.

Frank’s expectations of Claire

When Claire married Frank in Outlander, she was only 19 years old. A year later, they were separated by war and did not see each other until 1945/46. They didn’t even get very far on their second honeymoon before she went through the stones.

She did not return until three years later. They were basically 10 years apart and they were practically weird at this point, should Frank from Outlander feel so betrayed?

Why didn’t Frank and Claire secretly divorce?

If Frank and Claire were planning to start over in America, why didn’t they divorce while they were in England? Instead of living in squalor for 20 years, Frank could have agreed to help raise Brianna in Outlander.

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