Income Tax Program 2021 is available for download


The 2021 Base Year 2020 Income Tax generator program was released for download by the IRS this Thursday (25th), being available to those who need to make the declaration, whose delivery period goes from March 1st to April 30th.

As in previous years, the IRPF 2021 Program has versions for computers and mobile devices. If you are going to use it to make the statement on your PC or notebook, download it from the IRS page.

When downloading the file, choose the option depending on the operating system used (Windows, Linux or macOS) or the alternative “Multiplatform”, which comes with a compressed file (.zip). They all come with embedded Java, no longer requiring separate installation, except the zipped version (in this case, the user must have it on their machine).

To declare your income on your phone or tablet, just download the updated version of the My Income Tax app from Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores. There is also the option to make the declaration online, on the “My Income Tax” page, accessed through the e-CAC Portal.

Pre-populated statements

One of the news announced by the IRS for this year is the expansion of the number of taxpayers able to use the pre-filled declaration. Access will be released to people who have an account on the portal with two-step authentication enabled.

This modality, previously available only to those who had a digital certificate, brings the pre-filled declaration based on information already provided to the Federal Revenue by other means, leaving the user to check the data and make changes, if necessary, in addition to complementing the registration.

The functionality, found on the e-CAC Portal, should be released on March 25, according to the agency. The information stored in the service can also be saved in the cloud and used in other ways to fill out the declaration.


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