Income 2020: what are the requirements for downloading?


Like last year, not even the Coronavirus stops what they call ‘Income Statement’. This week is the time when the 2020 – 2021 Income campaign will officially begin (on April 7 exactly), and will last until June 30. A general term that taxpayers have to present their return through any of the official channels they choose.

Income 2020 App

For several years there has been the option of being able to do it via mobile using the official application of the Tax Agency, which gives you direct access to various procedures and the Renta WEB application to generate and present your 2020 Income tax return, always keeping Note that you must meet a series of requirements.

According to the Tax Agency, the following settings must be taken into account in order to be able to use the application correctly:

The device is required to have an internet connection (obvious, right?), Either through Wi-Fi or data.
If you have any user identified in the app, the device is required to be protected by an access security pattern. The user can choose between the different locking systems of their device: password, pin, fingerprint, unlock pattern, facial recognition, etc.
To register a user portfolio, the titular user must identify himself with Cl @ ve PIN.
In the event that it is detected that your mobile device does not have an unlocking system established, “we suggest you access the settings of your device to configure it.” Once configured, the different users can be added and managed from the app.

You can install or access the App “Tax Agency” simply by scanning the QR code of this link, or using one of the following links. The app requires a minimum operating system Android version 6.0 or higher, or iOS version 11 or higher


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