Incognito: Winner Of This Game Will Be Given Bitcoin


A very innovative and interesting campaign has been launched by Incognito these days, when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is over $ 16,000. Hiding 1 Bitcoin somewhere in the depths of the Internet, Incognito will start publishing clues about this riddle and pass on that BTC to the winner. So what exactly is Incognito’s purpose in doing this?

Privacy-focused startup firm Incognito actually aims to make people pay more attention to privacy and bring privacy to the forefront with this campaign. The fact that 1 Bitcoin will be given at the end of the aforementioned bounty hunt has turned all the attention here before the campaign starts.

Each clue will pave the way to Bitcoin reward

It is known that 17 different tips will be shared in the prize hunt, which started on Thursday, November 12. Users must first download the Incognito application and select the feature called Quest. It is stated that each tip will increase the chances of winning on the road to 1 BTC reward. Among the awards, it is stated that 1 BTC, as well as hardware that provides identity protection and other privacy-oriented devices.

With this new game, Incognito aims to make people pay more attention to privacy on online platforms. Tips will direct participants directly to privacy-related content. Some of this content includes various information regarding privacy Edward Snowden or the privacy mode of Ethereum. In the articles, scanned QR codes will be waiting for the players. Each QR code found as of November 19 will guarantee a prize win.

Users will be able to take these guarantees only when enough users find the place of the code hidden for the reward chests. For this, between 10 and 300 users need to find the code that goes to the reward chest. When the maximum limit is reached, all clues disappear and the BTC prize winner becomes.


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