Incident light can change the laws of physics


Lights emitted at the beginning of time can challenge current physical theories and completely change the course of human knowledge. Two Japanese scientists dedicated themselves to analyzing the behavior of cosmic microwave background radiation (RCFM), a kind of noise that permeates the entire Universe, and found that the polarization of photons was supposedly affected by dark matter and energy, which would have slightly changed the original orientation of the particles.

Such a change, they explain, could only be generated by something that violates a symmetry property of a wave function, the parity, which states that everything behaves the same way even in an inverted system. For example, the mirror’s reflection does not change what is in front of it, it only reproduces the actions. In the case of these light waves and dark matter, the change in rotation would not exist if the concept were applied.

Considering that parity is shown by all subatomic particles and all known forces, except the so-called weak force, which affects all leptons and quarks, something mysterious certainly lurks around.

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RCFM was first issued 13.8 billion years ago and polarized in the same direction. For this reason, understanding how light has changed in its journey through space and time allows an in-depth investigation of the history of the Universe.

Measuring something like this with precision, however, is quite a challenge, since there is great uncertainty in the calibration of detectors used for the task. To circumvent this obstacle, the researchers used another source of light: dust from inside the Milky Way – the emission of which would not have traveled as much or would have been strongly influenced by energy or unknown matter.

Expecting a rotation equivalent to zero, the scientists then had a big surprise. The new, more efficient than the traditional way of collecting data, exhibited a value different from expectations, suggesting an unprecedented interaction that occurred along the long path of light towards Earth – something that should not occur.


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