Inauguration of the World’s First Artificial Intelligence University Postponed Due to Coronary Virus


Mohamed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University, the world’s first artificial intelligence university, announced that it was delaying the opening date due to coronavirus. The university stated that the decision would benefit the students and staff.

Founded in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the world’s first artificial intelligence university was preparing to welcome its first students in August. However, the first academic year of the university was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Mohamed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University (MBZUAI) postponed its opening date until January 2021. UAE Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Sultan Al Jaber said that the decision to postpone was made to protect the “health and well-being” of students and staff.

Mohamed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University could not be opened due to coronavirus
“Our university is eager and ready to welcome the first group of students from all over the world. However, given the ongoing global coronavirus outbreak, the decision to start the academic year in 2021 will benefit students, faculty and staff,” Al Jaber said. spoke in the form.

The construction of the campus located in Masdar City in the capital will be completed in the coming weeks. After the university is opened, it will offer graduate and doctorate programs that include monthly grants, health insurance and accommodation opportunities to students with full scholarship. The AI ​​university has attracted worldwide attention and has received over 1,200 applications from more than 80 countries since October 2019.

Global measures taken due to coronavirus complicate participation in education
The applicants were informed about the change made on the opening date and the university admissions office announced that they would receive additional applications soon. MBZUAI interim chairman Professor Sir Michael Brady said in an announcement that global measures taken due to coronavirus made it difficult for accepted students to join the Masdar City campus in August.

Students will do internships at the world’s leading global and local technology companies while on campus. The board discussed the university’s future plans, including leadership positions at faculties and employment opportunities for graduate students, at a video conference Wednesday.


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