Inactive Google Account Manager: Understand How It Works


Google: Adopting security measures to protect your information online has become a concern that is raising many discussions these days. With the frequency of cybercriminal leaks and intrusions, Google has developed tools to make its users’ internet experience safer.

The company has several mechanisms to guarantee the privacy of people, including those who had their accounts inactive but who are still targets of hackers. Through the Inactive Account Manager, it is possible to preserve personal information and prevent these accounts from being used for attacks.

The tool aims to offer a solution for inactive or abandoned accounts, due to death or any other reason that has disabled the user, and can be accessed at this link. In this article, TecMundo will explain how the Manager works and how it can be used to protect information, accounts, media and other personal files, check it out;

How it works

Inactive Account Manager is responsible for planning what will happen to your data if you can no longer use your Google account. It is possible to define when the platform will be able to consider your account inactive and indicate what will be done with your data after that, for example, share it with someone you trust or request a permanent deletion.

When configuring the feature, Google asks the user to choose the period between 3, 6, 12 or 18 months without any activity, for the company to take some action on the data. In this way, a notice will be sent one month in advance of the established deadline, via a text message and an email to the contacts provided during registration.

It’s still possible to leave an autoresponder in Gmail for the person who will receive the information, as well as a message explaining that that account is inactive. In cases where the user has wanted the account to be deleted, as soon as Google identifies that it is inactive, the content will be forwarded to trusted contacts.