In war over PIX, banks draw up to $ 1 million for customers


Financial institutions started a real war over their customers’ PIX keys. The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) released the registration of PIX keys on Monday (05), a procedure that allows users to associate data such as CPF, cell phone number and email address to accounts – to each of these information is given the key name.

Check out the advantages that some banks are offering to attract PIX customers.

PIX Santander

Santander requires at least the CPF and cell phone number as PIX keys, in order to offer 10 interest-free days (per month) on the account limit, the famous overdraft. The keys must remain listed as registered monthly, otherwise the benefit will be canceled.

In addition, there is the SX do Milhão promotion, in which the bank will raffle two prizes of R $ 1 million each, one for individual customers and the other for corporate customers. Five lucky numbers are given for registration in the SX and in the promotion; if using CPF and cell phone as PIX keys, the customer gets twice as many lucky numbers (ten instead of five). Other transactions via PIX yield extra lucky numbers.

PIX Banco do Brasil

BB will raffle up to R $ 600 thousand divided into 37 prizes (30 drawings of R $ 30 thousand + 5 of R $ 50 thousand + 2 of R $ 100 thousand). Each PIX key will yield a different number of lucky numbers. If the customer registers the three keys, he will receive twice as many numbers.

PIX Nubank

Nubank will draw up to R $ 370 thousand, with six prizes of R $ 20 thousand and five of R $ 50 thousand. The promotion will be divided into two phases, and customers can sign up through the fintech mobile app.

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PIX C6 Bank

C6 Bank customers who register their CPF and cell phone number as PIX keys will receive points in the Átomos loyalty program. The amount of points depends on the type of card used, and they can be exchanged for different types of products and services.

Have you seen any other bank offering advantages for those who register PIX keys? Share in the comments.


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