In this way Wilford intentionally started the apocalypse


The popular Snowpiercer series now on the Netflix platform has been growing in popularity exponentially, but everyone is wondering, why did Wilford start the apocalypse?

The popular character Wilford (Sean Bean) made his appearance in season 2 of Snowpiercer, but, not only that, but it was also revealed that there is another train circling the world just like the Snowpiercer.

But, what caught the attention of all the spectators of the program was the floating balloon that was around the other train called, Big Alice. But what does the balloon mean?

Until now, viewers had been led to believe that Wilford was gifted with incredible foresight and knew the CW-7 was going to backfire, so construction of the train began. So now everyone thinks that he was the one who created the CW-7 and why he also built the train.

Although it appears that the balloon is now being used more as a weather balloon, it could still be possible that Wilford has something to do with the apocalypse that humanity experienced.

The second episode of season 2 of Snowpiercer will be broadcast tomorrow, February 1 on TNT and on February 2 on the Netflix platform.


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