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Last minute: Uncertainty continues in the US election … Trump and his team are suing repeatedly to stop the vote count. In Georgia with 16 delegates, Democratic candidate Joe Biden came behind and passed Trump’s votes. In the state, the results can be evident in a very short time.

All the last minute developments regarding the US elections, where the world was locked up, are in our live news …

12:52: In Georgia, with 16 delegates, Democratic candidate Joe Biden came behind and passed Trump’s vote. It is stated that the remaining votes in Georgia, where US President Donald Trump is slightly ahead, are expressed in tens of thousands. In the state, the results can be evident in a very short time.

11.55: Ongoing vote counts in the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada will determine which candidate will take the lead in the US election.

Joe Biden leads the race in Arizona and Nevada. The Donald Trump team has intense legal efforts in both states.

In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump appears to be ahead of the current results. On the other hand, it is reported that Biden is closing the gap in both states.

In Georgia, the gap is around 463 votes and Biden continues to close the gap.

In Pennsylvania, the difference decreased to 18 thousand. Biden is reported to have a great advantage in the votes sent by mail in the state. Vote counts will continue throughout the day.

09.35: The Washington Post newspaper announced that the secret service sent additional security to Joe Biden, who was closer to the White House while the race was going on. The Washington Post reported that, based on two knowledgeable people, it has decided to send reinforcements to Wilmington, Deleware, from today to protect Joe Biden, the former vice president of the secret service.

This decision was made after Biden’s campaign team warned that the Democratic candidate would continue to use the Wilmington Convention Center for at least one more day and make a big speech on Friday, according to sources close to the secret service.

Secret service spokesperson Catherine Milhoan declined to comment, stressing that the agency did not discuss security planning publicly for the president or candidates it is protecting

09.20: All eyes are on four states in the USA, how many more games should be counted in these states?

Georgia: There are 15,000 unopened votes as of 08:00.
Nevada: There are 190,000 more votes to count in Nevada
Pennsylvania: 220,000 more votes to count in state
Arizona: 220,000 more games must be counted for the state to win

08:15: As the vote count progresses in Arizona, where Democrat candidate Biden leads the race, the number of Trump supporters gathering in front of the election center in Phoenix, the state’s largest city, increases.

US media reported that 200-300 Trump supporters gathered in front of the Maricopa Election Center.

Photographs passed in front of the election center show some of the protesters carrying semi-automatic rifles. Reports in the US press also confirm this.

In some states, Trump supporters demand a halt to the vote count, while here they are calling for the count to continue.

Gönül Tol, from the Washington-based Middle East Institute, explained the reason for this on Twitter:

“As the postal votes open in Arizona, the opposite of the other places emerges, Trump is catching up. Because Arizona has a tradition of voting by mail, Republicans are voting by mail.”

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In Pennsylvania and Georgia, the Democrats’ vote tends to increase as postal votes are counted.

Biden leads the race with 46,667 votes in Arizona.

07.35: Donald Trump took legal action to stop the vote count in several key states where his leadership was rapidly declining. A federal judge in Pennsylvania denied the Trump campaign’s request to stop the count.

Judge Paul Diamond also addressed complaints that observers of the Trump campaign were not given equal access to the vote counting center.

Diamond said that both Republicans and Democrats were allowed to send 60 representatives to monitor the census.

“I don’t quite understand why this cannot be agreed upon without judicial intervention,” said Diamond.

State officials said Republicans were not prevented from observing the census, but a Republican representative had previously refused to adhere to social distance rules.

04.20: The Trump team’s application for the vote count in Pennsylvania has been concluded. The court ruled that both Democratic and Republican observers have equal access to vote counting procedures. Trump claimed that Republican observers were not included in the vote count.

03.00: US President Donald Trump said that they will manage a lot of legal processes and maybe go to the Supreme Court in the elections held in the country.

01.20: PA State Secretary Kathy Boockvar said there are still several hundred thousand votes to count and it will take a little longer to clarify who will be president.

00.35: Democrat candidate Joe Biden called for calm during the vote counting, saying he has no doubt that he will beat President Trump.

00.18: Trump team sued the Philadelphia electoral board demanding a ban on counting without Republican observers.

00.14: The Trump team applied to the Federal Court to observe the vote count in Philadelphia.

23:24: Pennsylvania State Secretary Kathy Boockvar said she did not expect the late postal votes that were the subject of the case to be sufficiently large to affect the result.

23:15: Georgia state enumerator said he expects the vote count to end 10 days after the election.

22.40: The court made it necessary to scan the votes daily for centers sending to states whose last ballot paper purchase date has been extended.

22.01: The Facebook group, which made false claims of stolen votes, organized protests and attracted 365 thousand followers in a day, was removed by Facebook.

9:48 p.m., Pennsylvania State Secretary Kathy Boockvar said the vote count in key state will end within the day.


21.30: The application of President Trump’s team to suspend the vote count in Michigan was rejected by the court.

20.50: In Georgia, the court rejected the Republicans’ application for not counting the votes that reached the headquarters after the election was over.

20.30: CNN wrote that Trump’s superiority in Pennsylvania has decreased and the difference has melted in the last 48 hours. According to the news, the difference, which reached 600 thousand at a time, decreased to 115 thousand.

20.20: Trump’s election team sues for halting vote counts in Nevada for “irregularity”

20.10: Biden’s vote difference in Nevada increased from 7 thousand 647 to over 11 thousand. As of now, Biden’s vote rate is 49.5 percent, while Trump’s is 48.5 percent.


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