In the third season of Bridgerton, there is already a perfect replacement for Penelope with Eloise


Bridgerton season 3 is confirmed, and there is already a perfect replacement for Penelope for Eloise, now their friendship has come to an end. At the end of season 2, Eloise realized that Penelope was Lady Whistledown, because of whom the Bridgertons suffered several times because of their gossip. This revelation caused Eloise to break off her relationship with Penelope, and at the end of season 2, they were both visibly upset over the loss of their closest friend.

Eloise Bridgerton, despite her status, is quite an outcast in her society due to her dismissive attitude towards the debutante and his restrictions on women. Eloise and Penelope strongly disagree on this, and Penelope refrains from telling Eloise how much she wants to be a part of society. Eloise, who is arguably the best character, could have been an important part of the debutante if she had chosen her, but Penelope, despite the fact that she wants it, is still ignored and becomes a fly on the wall.

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Although they were different, Penelope and Eloise had a great friendship and supported each other, but now their friendship is destroyed, Kate Sharma is the perfect replacement for Penelope for Eloise. The second season briefly shows the moments between Kate and Eloise, which emphasize their similar intelligence and hobbies. They are both rebellious and immune to people’s opinions about them, and they want more for themselves than what the debutant and their society offer them. Penelope and Eloise might have gotten along great, but Kate and Eloise would have had a friendship in which neither of them would have held back from doing what they wanted.

Why Eloise and Kate will become Great Friends in Bridgerton

Eloise is currently viewed by society and even her family as an outsider due to the fact that she wants to have the same opportunities as men, and this is what makes Eloise’s friendship with Benedict tragic. Eloise needs a friendship with Kate to show her not to be the black sheep in the family. There is no one in Bridgerton’s high society who has similar interests and views to Eloise, so replacing Kate with Penelope would be a way to give Eloise someone who looks more like her. Eloise has found like-minded people in the lower strata of society, such as the women’s rights group and Theo, but she is still separated from them because of her class. Even Theo and she couldn’t continue the affair because of the difference in status and what it would mean for them.

In addition, Kate’s character has so many levels that could be shown if exploring a friendship with Eloise. In season two, Kate was so focused on protecting her sister Edwina or hiding her feelings for Anthony Bridgerton, who instead “annoys” her, that viewers barely saw her relaxed side or her intelligence. Only in the epilogue is she truly relaxed, but before that, her conversation with Eloise on the porch in the second season, episode 3, “The Bee in your Bonnet”, shows that they are connected by the fact that they are single, independent women, and Eloise asks about how Kate remains lonely in this society. The development of their friendship will allow you to explore Kate’s independence and develop her character on a deeper level.

Kate replacing Eloise with Penelope would be a refreshing side story. In a show dedicated to the trials and tribulations of love, a true friendship that helped both women would take Bridgerton to a new level. Also, since Kate is now Eloise’s sister-in-law, Eloise will have more in common with the rest of the Bridgerton family, so Kate is the perfect Penelope replacement for Eloise in season 3.