In the series “Iron Heart” from Marvel Studios, the star of “Wild West World” Manny Montana plays


Actor Manny Montana got a role in the upcoming Disney Plus series “Iron Heart”. In the new series from Marvel Studios, Dominic Thorne plays the brilliant inventor Riri Williams.

Ironheart is one of many upcoming Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios. The series tells about the ingenious inventor Riri Williams, the creator of the most perfect armor since the Iron Man suit. In addition, the plot details of the series have not been disclosed at the moment, but the character is adapted from the Marvel Comics character of the same name and will probably be largely based on the source material. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, the character first appeared in Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #7 in 2016. In the comics, Williams is a 15-year-old engineering student who creates an advanced suit similar to Iron Man’s armor, and Iron Man himself supports Williams to assume the mantle.

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Deadline revealed news of Montana’s casting, but details about his role are currently being kept secret. Montana joins recently announced actors Anthony Ramos and This Is Us star Lyric Ross. Montana is best known for his role in the NBC drama Good Girls, in which he starred for four seasons as a series regular. He is currently playing a recurring role in the current season of the FX biker drama Mayans MC. and he’s also set to play a recurring role in the upcoming season of the HBO series “Wild West World.”

Since Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, was killed off in Avengers: Finale, it’s likely that Williams will take over his role in the MCU. Despite the fact that “Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr. is not approved to participate in the series, some fans suggest that he may appear as a sentient hologram with artificial intelligence, similar to his appearance at the end of the “Finale”. This would allow the character to serve as a mentor for the young Williams, as in the comics. Ironheart also follows the current phase of the MCU, where younger and newer characters replace the original Avengers.

This includes the Disney Plus series “Hawkeye,” in which a young Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) is preparing to assume the mantle of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner). Another example is the upcoming TV series The Hulk Woman, in which Tatiana Maslany plays lawyer/superhero Jennifer Walters, who is also the cousin of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). The most recent Marvel Studios and Disney Plus series, “Miss Marvel,” is about a young teenage girl who develops superpowers and idolizes Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

“Iron Heart” will be directed by Sam Bailey and Angela Barnes, and “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler will be the executive producer. Series creator and head writer Chinaka Hodge will also be an executive producer along with Zinzi Kugler, Sev Ohanian, as well as Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum and Zoey Nagelhout.

“Iron Heart” is currently in production, and the release date for Disney Plus is set for 2023.