In the second season of Nuns with Niko, Niko wants you to know that you can cook too


Although she has been cooking on camera for about three years, Nicole Sanchez, also known as Nico, says she is still studying. “I’m not going to act like I’m a cooking professional,” she said. “I have basic cooking skills: things like cooking an egg, flipping it properly, or being able to tell when something is completely done.”

Nico, who has just presented the second season of her cooking show live on Twitch, Noms with Neeko, traces her passion for cooking back to the early days of her independent adult life and believes her Mexican-American ancestry is linked to some of the dishes she now cooks. it is being prepared live. Game Rant met with a Twitch streamer to talk about how she managed to uncover this interest in her career, and about the hope that her audience will be inspired by her culinary journey.

Noms with Neeko goes back to Nico’s childhood and her first days in front of the camera

According to her, Niko’s interest in cooking did not begin with her streaming career. She first got a taste of art as a child, reluctantly helping her mother in the kitchen.

“When I was growing up, my mom frowned when I helped her in the kitchen, and I walked hesitantly,” Niko said. “You know, it’s one of those things where your mom says, ‘You need to do this,’ and you don’t want to do it.” However, despite her restraint, Niko retained many of the skills she learned from her mother and realized that she actually had a passion for cooking.

By the time she started her first broadcasts in 2017, Nico had already used some of these skills in her personal life. She recently moved to Seattle from California, “because Latino parents can be very bossy,” and faced sudden financial responsibilities—bills and rent. According to Nico, saving money was extremely important, and that’s why she started cooking for herself.

In addition to supporting herself, Nico also had to find her niche as a budding streamer on Twitch. “I needed to find out what turned out well, and I found a couple of things that interested me. One of them was cooking.” Therein lies the opportunity, she said.

“As a content creator, you’re always thinking about how to turn things into content. So I started hosting cooking streams.”

Niko hosted her first cooking stream in 2019. At first, she just set up her camera and her laptop to record how she cooks food. She was “super shabby,” she said, but experience has shown her that she has a passion for cooking.

“I wanted to do more complex things, cook more complex dishes and try different spices,” Nico said. “Over time, it has become a more integral part of my content.” Now Niko regularly broadcasts his cooking — whether in Noms with Neeko or in another series such as Cozy Cooking, the last issue of which was released in July.

Niko believes that her upbringing and early adulthood gave her the desire to develop her culinary streams, but she also pointed to support—and criticism—from her early audience as a motivating factor.

“I’ve seen people on my stream become a little more interactive, saying things like ‘hey, you’re doing this wrong’ or ‘this looks terrible,'” she said. “There was also a lot of support in my chat.”

Noms with Neeko aims to show its audience that cooking is available

Niko’s culinary streams have come a long way from one laptop and a camera. Noms for Neeko, which takes place in a modern, marble-lined kitchen and is equipped with a special camera aimed at the cooking area, has all the attributes of a cooking show that you can see on cable TV.

Despite the time, effort and money that Nico and her team have invested in the show, she insists that she does not want Noms and Nico to lose their “personal contact”. According to her, part of the intimate feeling she aspires to is achieved when the viewer feels that he, too, can do the same as she does.

“I think showing people that cooking is something they can do on their own, without any luxury, is something that resonates with people.”

Nico said that even if her viewers don’t leave and start their own cooking shows, the sense of accessibility is what she wants to convey in Noms with Nico. “I want to demonstrate to people that they can also install a camera and show people what they can do in the kitchen,” she said.

Niko stressed that she is by no means an experienced chef and hopes that Noms with Niko will be a useful experience for her and her audience. “I think the learning experience is a big part of my show,” she said.

Not only will Nico learn new and increasingly complex recipes in the second season of Noms with Nico, but her handiwork will also receive a direct evaluation thanks to the tasters she plans to invite to the show. According to Niko, this additional risk is valuable for her overall goals. “I think it resonates with the viewer that I can really mess up what I’m doing.”


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