In The New Single “Moonlight Sunrise” TWICE Embody Their Evolutionary Spirit With Sultry Smoothness.


Whatever you say about the discography of TWICE, but now they are one of the few artists in K-pop who really understand and accept their ideals. It is enough to recall their previous — and first — English single “The Feels”. Loud Groovy rhythms and the shimmer of disco synthesizers, it was both an ode and the culmination of the doe-eyed femininity that they began to embody in the early years of their career.

“To become so shy, it’s obvious / Catching is like butterflies / If I say what’s on my mind / Will I hit the bull’s-eye?” they sang. Sweet but flirtatious, not to mention charmingly shy, “The Feels” showcased the well-known final form of TWICE, which we have loved and admired for years.

However, as they have repeatedly clarified, this doe-eyed girl is now in the past. The so-called second opportunity TWICE at JYP Entertainment began with the release of their album “Between 1&2”. Where they had previously ceded some power to someone else (“You say I’m funny / that I don’t match my appearance / it doesn’t amuse me at all, baby,” they said on “TT”), “Between 1 and 2” was filled with the most attractive color of self—confidence and sensuality that we have ever seen on TWICE.

So it makes sense that their latest release and second English single reflect their decisive career ending. “Moonlight Sunrise” replaces the floral and bright pink shades of “The Feels” with a more mysterious, calculating approach. Despite the flirtatious glimpses of the attraction game – “I don’t even know how to say now/now “I need you”hour” – it is clear that control lies solely with them. Boldly, TWICE laid out all their cards on the table. “Oh yeah, baby, I really don’t want to rush / But Imma really needs your touch if Imma survives the night”— ugh, is it getting hot in here?


Elegant rhythm and blues enhances the sultry approach. With synthesizers emphasizing the chorus and, in particular, rap verses, the song makes you listen with rapt attention so that you don’t miss a second of magic. However, no matter how smooth and oily it sounds, the song never reaches the promised peak. The string is stretched taut as the tension builds in the chorus, but the delicious pain of the click never comes — the chorus, although memorable, does not make enough use of the band’s excellent vocals. By the time the chorus is played a second time, the sequence becomes repetitive, which undermines the demonstration of confidence.

For comparison, the previous “The Feels” was an exciting extravaganza throughout, with a catchy chorus — “Boy, I, boy, I know/I know how you feel” — smoothly transitioning into verses, and then returning after the chorus. . Ironically, despite the fact that TWICE were more sincere and honest in “Moonlight Sunrise”, the chorus in “The Feels” is more explosive and exciting — they threw caution to the wind and finally revel in their true feelings. The sound of “Moonlight Sunrise” seems a bit hesitant, as if they are still dipping their toes in water.

However, we are talking about TWICE. In their journey to form their ideal, they diligently learned from their mistakes and actively corrected them. “Moonlight Sunrise” gave us only a taste — let’s see how else their sound will develop on their upcoming mini-album “Our Youth”.


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