In the new She-Hulk clip, Tatiana Maslany discusses the theory of Captain America’s sex life


“The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” could be one of Marvel Studios’ most unique projects on Disney Plus or anywhere else in recent years. Due to its obvious focus on comedy and shorter duration of episodes, its format itself offers some opportunities to break out of the classic form that has existed since the original Netflix series “Daredevil”. But don’t take this statement for granted.

The new She-Hulk clip was released to celebrate the week remaining before its premiere, and it largely sets the tone for what viewers should probably expect. Featuring Tatiana Maslany starring Jennifer Walters/The Hulk Woman and Mark Ruffalo as her cousin Bruce Banner/The Hulk, it gives viewers a zen moment as the duo discuss some pretty hilarious personal issues while driving. Well, in any case, technically they are not personal for those who are sitting in the car.

“Steve Rogers didn’t have a girlfriend before he joined the service,” Jennifer says in the IMDB clip as Bruce wearily puts his head in his hands. Then she continues the monologue about how Steve Rogers spent almost his entire life in wars after he received the supersoldier serum with almost no downtime. Bruce, who is acting a little reserved, is still goading her with a smile. Jennifer mentions Steve’s track record when he became a war hero and then froze to wake up 70 years later and fight some more before she finally got to her thesis.

“Obviously,” she sums up, “Captain America was a virgin!” Her argument would probably have elicited a better reaction from Bruce if what appears to be the Grandmaster’s ship from “Thor: Ragnarok” hadn’t appeared right in front of their car right at that moment. “Look out!” Bruce screams from the passenger seat as Jennifer blows the steering wheel to the side. Their car crashes into a guardrail, throwing them into a steep ravine, while the cousins panic in slow motion. Eventually they stopped upside down at the foot of the slope, not knowing how the 2 people inside were doing. But considering they’re both big green superheroes, it looks like this could be the start of an exciting fight scene, or at least a really fun escape scene if Jennifer doesn’t already have her powers at this point.

Viewers won’t know what will happen next until the premiere of the movie “The Hulk Woman” finally takes place next week, because that’s where the clip ends. However, the jokes between Jennifer and Bruce definitely resemble classic Marvel dialogue. But given that “The Hulk Woman” is likely to be a half-hour legal comedy, chances are that such moments will carry much more into the show than just rapid character development between fights. Of course, this clip clearly ends before the fight, so perhaps this theory has already been refuted.

In any case, it seems there is something to count on, and Maslany’s fans should be calm knowing that she is still laying out her best game here. It will be interesting to see who was driving the Grandmaster’s ship, as well as how they would react to Jennifer’s accidental accident. It looks like this could be one of the many times a Female Hulk can show off her comedic chops.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on August 18, 2022 on Disney Plus.


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