In The Latest News About The Cancellation of What Netflix Just Did With The Series “Inner Workings,” Fans Are Unhappy


If everything had gone according to plan, the dark animated comedy “Work Inside” would have appeared on the TV program for 2023 at some point. A fairly new series has already been renewed for a 2nd season, and fans couldn’t be happier. However, in the increasingly unstable world of the streaming business, another victim was claimed, and Netflix reversed its decision. Now the fans of the show are shouting quite loudly about the step that the streamer made.

Netflix’s Unexpected Decision regarding the Inner workings

Yesterday there was news that, despite the extension of the show for a second season, Inside Job was canceled. Just a couple of months after the premiere of the last series of episodes, the streamer apparently called for an end to the animated comedy about the conspiracy. The creator of the series / EP , Shion Takeuchi , confirmed the news on Twitter with the following message:

The premiere of the second half of the first season of Inside Job took place a day after the debut of another fan-favorite Netflix series. The sci-fi thriller, as well as the canceled Netflix show “1899” disappointed both fans and creators by getting walking documents. However, in the case of the sequel from the creators of the streaming hit Dark, there was no already approved extension of the second season on the table.

This change upset fans of the unusual product a little.

How Fans React to the cancellation of Inside Job

When it comes to the sudden departure of Inside Job, social media has caused a wave of disapproval. Dana Terrace, creator/episode of the series The Owl House on the Disney channel, expressed some rather harsh words about how their subscribers’ money was used:

It’s time to cancel my NF sub if they’re not going to give me anything to invest in. What the fuck.

Terrace wasn’t the only Netflix subscription holder who didn’t like the streaming provider’s solutions. Also threatening to delete his account, our next upset fan mentioned the names of other long-gone shows, such as The Santa Clarita Diet:

The user “Awestruck Vox” is another voice of frustration who can’t seem to understand why this network canceled such a favorite product. Although Inside Job wasn’t the only series they seemed to mourn, as AMC+’s recently canceled Pantheon also received acclaim.

This message (which we wrote down in capital letters) was accompanied by an image of a sad wolf, similar to a man, sitting hunched over on the edge of the bed:

Inside Job is canceled, despite the fact that every release of a new episode is trending. The Pantheon was cancelled after one season, despite the fact that the second season was completed.

Going back to the example of 1899, we now have an idea of why both this series and, possibly, the “Work from Within” were discontinued. Given Netflix’s 28-day viewing rule, which determines the success of a series depending on how many people broadcast it to the end during the first four weeks, there simply could not be numbers for this project.

Apart from business formulas and rules, this decision is not liked by those who were really looking forward to the second season. This brings us to our next reaction, presented below:

Naturally, fans started a petition to resurrect Inside Job after the cancellation failures. Whether this will work, or another network will try to intervene to save the day, as in the case of HBO Max’s Minx, remains to be seen. For now, if you want to enter the world of Inside Job, it’s still available for streaming on Netflix. And you can check out the complete graveyard of dead TV series with our TV shows that have been canceled or ended up on the 2022 list.


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